Launched in 2015 and still going strong even after five years, Mega888 is an electronic, app-based online casino that operates in Asia. When we talk about it, the discussion usually revolves around their large selection of games, the quality of their games and their superb service which satisfies every gamer on the internet, but we think, Mega888’s most valuable trait, is most certainly their flawless security. Mega888 is legit, verified and accredited by multiple sources, credibility is key to building a successful online casino, and it is certainly winning this race.

It is an app that is compatible with both android and ios iphone, it is a gaming platform that is especially famous in the southeast Asia region, in countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. Mega888 is designed to provide the most exquisite online gaming experience for both casual and hardcore players alike. After years of writing about online casinos, we have to say: it might just be the most popular online casino right now in the online world,  if  not the best online casino in the scene, one might argue that it is the most reliable and beloved casino not only according to online standards but also comparable to the real world and international standards as well.

If by now, you are still not playing games on it, you are missing out on not only the greatest slot games, fishing games, arcade games not the mention the sheer abundance of unique live table experiences on their gaming platform, you are also missing out on a ton of promotions, bonuses and free credit giveaways exclusive to Mega888 members. So, don’t get left out, stop hesitating and download the Mega888 now.

To download Mega888, simply go to the app store now and look up Mega888. It is available on both Google Play Store for android users and Apple App Store for ios iphone users. If you are blocked from accessing both platforms, you can always go to to access Mega888’s download platform for the apk file. The apk file is needed to manually install the Mega888 app onto your phone. Instructions to manually install the Mega888 app onto your phone is listed on the download site.

To install the app through the apk file on your phone, first, the phone will require the user’s permission to trust the developers of the app. Mega888 is a reliable, reputable and largely celebrated online casino within the online gaming community, so there is really nothing to be concerned about! Once you have it installed onto your phone, a new world of gaming will open up to you! Mega888 is an online casino which hosts daily free credit giveaways, weekly rebates and not to mention special event promotions on the online casino, so remember to keep visiting the official website to stay updated and informed on the latest promotion, deadlines, updates and new content on the online casino! We welcome you to the Mega888 family, and wish you good luck.


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